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We have 17 years of industry experience, and are celebrating our 3rd year as an independent company, distributor for the top custom manufacturers of Hurricane Impact Windows and Doors.

Our windows and Doors provide security for your loved ones, giving you peace of mind knowing your family is safe from Hurricanes, and provide security against home invasions, and burglary. We provide a superior completely satisfactory installation using the best products that meet your job specifications.

Courteous and Knowledgeable Experts:

We can help you make the Best Decision with Product choices, Design, and Energy and insurance savings. The windows are designed to pay for themselves!!! There is up to a 44% savings on your homeowners insurance, and there is up to a 40% savings on your FPL bill. Your new windows will provide burglar protection, will reduce the noise level inside your house significantly, and will help you sleep at night, knowing you have provided your family with the best protection from a Category 5 Hurricane available. We assist with all aspects of the design, both from an appearance point of view, to make sure you end up with a great looking house, better than your neighbors, who have not yet understood the need and benefits of this project. In fact according to a cost versus value report published for the association of appraisers, almost all of the cost of new windows are added to the value of the house. That means the cost of the windows, is not an expense, but an investment which will pay dividends when the house is sold. Think of the buyer, comparing 2 houses, one with and one without new impact windows. Can a price differential be justified? Yes, the appraisers already increase the value by the cost of the project, and of course a knowledgeable buyer wants the advantage of the benefits, the values the new windows provide

Why do people buy from us? Here are the letters we have received from our customers: (come into our showroom at 1472 S Dixie to see the originals)

“No nonsense, did exactly what he said he would do, they were on time, personable and completed the work in the time frame agreed upon. I felt comfortable with them being in my home and they did a great job, the windows turned out beautifully.“

“We would highly recommend High End to anyone needing Hurricane Windows. “

“High End made several recommendations that added a lot to what we finally contracted with them to do. I would recommend them and believe you will be happy with their work”.

“The process from ordering to installation was timely and professional; the product and workmanship were excellent. What an improvement they made to the appearance of our home. The reduction of sound from the outside was immediately noticeable and our air conditioner does not run as frequently. We did not really anticipate the benefits and feel fortunate to have made a very good decision.”

We emphasize the customer’s needs come first. We use our industry knowledge, and creativity to deliver exactly what best meets the customer needs and expectations. We try to make the buying process as pleasant as possible, no pressure, providing all the options and alternatives so that clients’ can make an educated informed decision. Our customers appreciate having a partner with expertise and enthusiasm working with them towards their goals. We understand value and the fulfillment derived from products that satisfy design and budget requirements, making our clients feel secure, comfortable and excited with making the right choice.

Whether we are solving problems or offering advice on new product innovation or new or existing technology relevant to Florida’s climate, our recommendations come from years of practical hands on experience helping our family of clients. There are so many choices for windows and doors with a variety of options for glass. Windows that work well in northern climates fail miserably in South Florida's coastal conditions. Pressures, wind forces, building height, site specifications all play a role in the process of selection and our emphasis is on educating you as the consumer to be aware of differentials that in the long run, will provide a lifetime of value.

We have a Passion to do it right, even when everyone else in the industry is committed to mediocrity.

Unfortunately the Window and Door industry is beset with a philosophy, “Get it done, quick and cheap. Do the minimal to get past the inspectors.”

The industry’s satisfaction with "it is good enough" means you get mediocre quality, just not great quality. In contrast, High End installation, our installation, is the New Standard for retrofitting windows and doors. A High End completed project leaves nothing for you to worry about, or finish. In addition to the 16 steps we undertake to give you a perfect job, we also reinstall your window treatments and use our own system for keeping your home as clean as humanely possible.

There are three crucial elements in growing a home improvement company, one is providing a beautiful installation, two is the art of our Craft, the design details that a perfectionist strives to achieve, and the Passion and Commitment we all strive for excellence ensuring the job is done right every time.

We're confident that the expertise of our skilled workforce, the materials we use and the way in which we install following the new construction standards will surpass both the inspectors’ and your highest expectations.

Complete retrofit and new construction services providing innovative solutions for Homeowners, Builders, and Architects

All of our installers are salaried employees; we do not subcontract our installations. The reason? When the workers are paid per window, like our competitors, the rush is on to maximize the productivity and good installation standards fall to the wayside. Mistakes are made. Shortcuts are taken. Hurry, hurry is the maxim, and this leads to a deterioration of standards for perfect installation. The importance of accounting for every detail is integral to our company philosophy. We can not rush, rush. We expect our men to give you a perfect installation, and they are paid consistent with that objective.

With consistent performance we have built strong alliances with the manufacturers, some of the best windows in the industry are made right here in Broward county. Aluminum or Vinyl frames, Insulated glass, Low E, or Solar cool; as technology improves, we do the homework, we go to the educational seminars, we study the improvement from a cost versus value approach and then we are in a position to make recommendations that will be of most benefit to our customers. We always want to be in a position to educate our customers, and stay steps ahead of the competition.

Call High End Impact Windows and Doors so that we can help you make the Best Decision, with the Window and Doors, for the Life of your Home.

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